fun at a deaf meet

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In which I describe some good new words I learned from the last vlog fiasco and in which I describe my observations at the last deaf meet I went to.


Hi! In my last vlog, I learned new signs. A vlog owner writes in the vlog and commenters write comments lined up below the vlog. OK. Sorry about the last vlog. Anyway, moving right along, two nights ago I went to a coffee shop deaf meet. Oh, I enjoyed myself, had a good time, met lots of people, chatted, practiced…thumbs up! I think a deaf meet is like a swimming pool. Why? Well, a swimming pool has a deep end. Confident swimmers jump right in and play. At the shallow end, fearful swimmers can dip their toes in one at a time. Yeah. At a deaf meet, some people jump straight into the “deep end” and sign away at top speed. More timid signers go over to the shallow end and sign slowly, apologizing for mistakes all the way. Yeah, it’s similar. Oh and at one point one person followed by a couple others came into the shop. The leader was the teacher, the rest her students. Funny, they looked like ducks [with momma duck leading]. Now the teacher, she came in, said hi, started chatting with friends, etc. But the students came in, and were agog at all the chatting going on…looking wide-eyed at everything…they eventually sat in a far corner, still watching everything. But one student did come over to me and tapped me on the shoulder. When I looked at her, she signed MEET FRIENDS? I said, sure, where are they? She pointed over to the corner and I looked…looked way over there! I motioned them to come on over here, I don’t bite, and they all slowly came over and we practiced! HI…NICE…MEET…YOU…WHAT…YOUR…NAME… and various attempts at spelling names and so on. It’s OK…good practice. It was just funny…they were so agog at everything around them. Anyway I had a wonderful time, and I want to go to the next deaf meet next week. Thanks for watching my vlog and (this is for Ocean) THUMBS UP! Heh.

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6 Responses to fun at a deaf meet

  1. *laugh at the ending*

    That was good one! You are doing great! Keep doing a great job!

  2. NightOwl says:


    You’re signing lot better than your first Vlog from about 3 weeks ago. I can see you’ll be more fluent in ASL soon.

    Good thought about the water heights in the pool.

  3. You’re getting better with every vlog! 🙂

  4. Karyn says:

    Dear Beg,

    I’ve watched your vlogs time to time and noticed you’ve learned to sign QUICKLY! Bravo ! 🙂 I learned to use ASL at age 32 from my boyfriend. He explained that my sign was boring hehehe because I signed like SEE. He once said my signs were like people read a book (included is, are, were, the, etc, past tense, you know ) and when he signed as (ASL) smoothly, it was like flim/movie. Now I’m getting better,…. I think 😉 By the way, I like your analogy about two different water height of pools. Cool!

    Have a good Monday!

  5. Mark Maki says:

    Hi Beg,
    I noticed you started more Vlogs and Iam impressed that you are probably first hearing person doing Vlogs to sign ASL.

    your ASL seem pick up pretty good !! good Job 🙂

    I enjoyed watch your vlogs and looking forward to watch more of your Vlogs and keep practice ASL!!!!

  6. Hi Mark! Sorry to disappoint! I am profoundly deaf, but am learning ASL now!