clarification on “two kinds of commenters”

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Notes: I’m actually pretty proud of this one, as I did it all in one shot, on the first try. I didn’t mean to re-do the whole Two Wolves story, but I love this story, and I had practiced it for the Silent Weekend but didn’t do it. So I guess it popped right out 😉

The woman in the background’s a hoot. I talked with her after I finished and she seemed to think the whole thing was cool. The thing is, I’m sitting there in the grass facing a concrete step (where my camera was positioned, gesticulating wildly…! Ha! It’s a nice little cul-de-sac, and I never see anyone there, which is of course why she popped up this time…

I blame Ocean for the sign off 😉 At the last minute I was thinking…Nope, I wouldn’t do a thumbs up. And that “Thank you all” doesn’t look quite right.

EDIT: The sign I’m using, “writer” I meant to refer to COMMENTERS on a vlog! NOT the OWNERS of a vlog! I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding! I may try to reshoot this one, since it was not at ALL my intention to come across as talking about the vlog owners, but only about the recurring issue of “Nasty Anonymous Commenters” aka “roaches” 🙁

Transcript (maybe this will help!)

Hey, I think this is enough light! A beautiful day! Yeah! OK. I think I confused some people with my last vlog…sorry! There were two vlogs I saw that gave me ideas. Which ones? Aidan’s vlog, and LaRonda’s vlog. In Aidan’s vlog, she talked about “Roaches” as “nasty anonymous commenters” [I signed “writer” here meaning commenter]. So I thought, hmm….we all have two kinds of commenters…let’s call them “roaches” which you want to stamp out and “angel” commenters. I don’t think angels are always nice and sweet, playing harps, etc. Remember in the bible, an angel and Jacob fought, and the angel hurt Jacob’s leg. Nope, not nice, not sweet. But I think “angel” commenters have reasons. They may argue, but with a reason. And all of us writers/commenters can look at the different perspectives and go “Ohhh…I see…” Levels of understanding go up. “Angel” writers contribute to the vlogs. Sometimes there’s arguments, sometimes there’s discussion, but the overall understanding is increasing. Now the nasty anonymous commenters destroy things. They tear the understanding down. They’ll say mean things to people. They’ll argue with people [attack personally] not ideas. Ugh, stamp those out.

Now back to the second vlog, remember. That was about the story of two wolves [re-telling of Two Wolves here]… OK, that’s the story. Now, my idea…”angel” commenters and “roach” commenters fight within our vlogs. Which ones will win? The ones we feed. Which ones do we want to win? Sorry for the confusion… I’m learning…patience…Thanks, all of you!

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8 Responses to clarification on “two kinds of commenters”

  1. Ocean says:

    Okay, I’ll accept the blame for the sign off!

    I suppose now every Deaf vlogger will all be thinking about how to come up with an appropriate “sign-off”…

    For someone who has just begun to learn ASL and doing so outside of a standard class, you’re progressing remarkedly well. Kudos to you!

    As a person who grew up oral myself, attended hearing schools, and didn’t start learning sign language until my teens, I well remember the days of struggling to develop proficiency in the language. I stepped onto Gallaudet’s campus as a freshman having very basic and rather English-based signing skills. My first year there was filled with a considerable amount of frustration as I attempted not only to stay abreast of my coursework, but to master ASL as well. I’m thankful to the Deaf individuals who showed me plenty of patience and understanding during those early days.

    Something interesting will always happen when you’re creating a video…and it can make for some good laughs!

    Nice vlog – I commend you for having the guts to do it… I’m still struggling with the whole vlogging concept. Of course, part of that has to do with the fact that I don’t own a webcam or video camera…

  2. LaRonda says:

    Hi BEG.

    I can see you’ve been working on your signs. Keep it up! 🙂 I applaud your courage to share your journey of learning ASL so publicly. It takes great courage to do that. I’m all for taking risks. Get yourself out there! Practice, practice, practice! You’re on the right road! Don’t give up! 🙂

    There are a handful of signs in your video clip above that you can polish a bit more. Review this video clip to find them and then review those with your ASL teacher or friends who are fluent in ASL. I know you want your signs to be accurate and clear. Take this as a positive and constructive suggestion. It is meant to cheer you on and encourage you on your ASL journey. 🙂

    As for the content of your video, I wanted to point out that, as communicators, Aidan and I are not so different. I believe we both share some important similarities.

    1) We are both capable of expressing ourselves with great passion and compassion.

    2) We can both be powerful, poignant and persuasive.

    How we choose to communicate doesn’t necessarily reflect that one of us is good and the other is evil. I think there is a lot of similarities to be found among all of us who bloggers and vloggers who communicate our truths to others.

    There will always be people who are able to hear certain stories in a deeper and more meaningful way than others because they identify with some aspect in the other person’s personality, communication style or experience. This does not make one person right and the other person wrong. (You probably didn’t mean this, but I felt a need to point this out just in case.)

    We are all spokes on a great wheel. Different paths, different methods of communication, but all part of a greater whole.

    I appreciate your review.

    ~ LaRonda

  3. LaRonda: I wasn’t trying to compare you and Aidan in any way! Both of you had elements in your vlogs that I borrowed for what I wanted to say. I loved Aidan’s sign (the roach) for the destructive type of commenters on a vlog, and I loved the two wolves story, and saw that it was like the different types of commenters we all have on our blogs and vlogs.

    It got much more complicated than I intended, I think…still working on my communication skills in ASL. Thanks for your kind comments! I do enjoy both of your vlogs!

  4. Ben Vess says:

    i love your sign for roach.


    Der Sankt

  5. Der Sankt: The credit for the “roaches” is entirely due to Aidan!

  6. drmzz says:

    Hey, you stole my beautiful day, LOL. It’s raining here.
    Wait a min… I see the sunshine breaking out just now.
    Keep on vloggin’ and I give you props to keep trying. There are many other bloggers who can sign rather well, but are meek as mice heh. As for Laronda, I’m learning spirituality from her. Aidan.. I don’t have the energy and time to entertain that thought so I’ll plea the 5th. I tease a lot so relax. 🙂

  7. LaRonda says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I might have misunderstood the ASL. But don’t let that discourage you. It might have just been my brain jumping somewhere else. 😉

    ~ LaRonda

  8. Hey, I’m the one who’s only been at this a few months :-O As far as I’m concerned both you and Aidan are “angel” vloggers. I’m really rather mortified, actually.