yet another meme

1 – Comment and ask to be tagged!
2 – I will pick THREE of your keywords and/or user pics I find odd or nifty!
3 – You post, explaining in detail about the three I chose!
4 – People comment on your post!

From juliabk

She asked about the following images:

1. zazen

Funny you asked about that one, since I just put it up this last weekend ;-). Zazen is a form of meditation practiced by zen buddhist monks and interested laypersons. The picture is of the mat and cushion one sits on when meditating. If you google up “zazen,” “sesshin,” and “oryoki,” you will come across some pretty interesting info (though I don’t think the wiki entry for sesshin is that good, the one for zazen is). I have been practicing meditation, although those entries are not generally public.

2. labs snooze

This is from a painting by Andrew Wyeth and I adore this print. I keep meaning to get myself a framed copy of this someday. A full image can be found here. I don’t use it much; I should change that…

3. mad blue bird (I *LOVE* this one 😉

Ha. This is a famous photograph that I loved when I first saw it. I used it extensively when talking about politics, to indicate my general mood when discussing it. Interestingly, although “politics” remains my biggest tag, I don’t blog about politics too much anymore. There was a point, I guess, where it was too hard on my bloodpressure ;-). More info about this pic can be found here

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