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We’ve had various discussions here on DeafRead about the issues raised by anonymous comments, especially those that that do not contribute to the discussion but are disruptive, harrassing, and antagonistic. This is an issue of concern at large, as can be seen by this excellent post by Theresa Nielsen Hayden over at her blog Making Light which inspired the above declaration.

In my opinion, one of the characteristics of a good blog is an engaging commentary. And I’ve noticed that doesn’t just happen. It happens when the owner of the blog monitors and maintains the comment thread. They can do so in different ways, holding all comments for explicit approval, or going back and removing inappropriate posts. Depending on the blogging software used, mixed approaches are possible as well. For example, I don’t mind anonymity, so long as the comments are appropriate, so I allow that.

Of course some people will disagree with a blog owner’s decisions. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing avoidable about it either — remember, you can’t please all the people all the time. But since the owner owns that blog, it’s their prerogative. People who feel strongly about saying what they want can start their own blog and run it how they wish.

Anyway, I loved this image when I spotted it, so I thought I would share it with you all. I do think we have a better handle overall on this problem, since we have less tolerance for this kind of antisocial behavior…

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  1. *thumbs up*
    Though I don’t know who you really are, I still enjoy reading your essays. Keep up a good work.

    And by the way those people who are disruptive (attack v/blogger or other commentator or disagree without an explanation attached) are called “trolls” elsewhere online.