busy busy

As it turns out, I’m going to a “Silent Weekend” camp for beginning signers. The woman running the camp was actually somewhat concerned that maybe I would be too advanced for this, and I assured her I most likely wasn’t although it wouldn’t surprise me if I seem better since I’ll happily chat away within my what, 100 word vocabulary ;-). Seriously, I’ve learned enough languages to know the best thing to do is practice, no matter how bad you are. If you don’t speak (or sign), nothing much’s going to happen.

I am also going to go to a weekend meditation thing on the following weekend. It should be very interesting. I’ve broken in my zafu and zabuton and it should be an interesting weekend. I also had to make a trip today to get proper shoes (mountain areas) and a sleeping bag (I am astonished that I did not have one…I grew up camping, dammit!). I’ll need to get a proper soup bowl for misu and next week will be a vegetarian diet in prep. Eek! This does mean I miss some deaf meetups this week and next, which is a pity. But the one after *that* is back down here, and I’m hoping I get to go to that one 😀 We’ll see, I never quite know what my schedule will be like. Oh, and I went to a deaf meeting last Friday which was fun, got to talk quite a bit, watch others talk. More variety of people, a couple of deaf kids, an HOH from Bosnia (!!) and so on.

I’ve also gotten in my summer camp paperwork, so I’ll have that coming up in June. What else? My taxes aren’t coming back fast enough 😛 to suit me. Oh, I found housing arrangements for the June shindig, so that will definitely help with driving around.

And misc stuff…I finished up most of the gardening issues I started over the weekend — repotted the last two hanging baskets, the whole thing looks great now…planted the rose bush I’d gotten. Last thing to do, which I especially want to do before I’m gone for the weekend is to tap the auto water line for the tomato plant (I’m watering it before I head out to work in the morning for now). Which reminds me, that’s an upcoming project I need to do — redo the automatic watering system for the hanging baskets. Dear BF finally hammered it into my head what I’ve been doing wrong there. Apparently electricity and water behave in the same fashion through wiring and plumbing 😛 Hopefully if that works right, I’ll have more water than I know what to do with for the plants, and can do a whole garden along the front porch: veggies, the works 😀 (I don’t do the backyard b/c of the DOG *grumble*).

The main problem with this kind of busy-ness is that it’s expensive 😛 Fortunately the summer camp had a 50% now option, and later on I’ll have two roommates going, so that will ease things up.

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