ooh! shiny!

I had fun playing with another WP theme. I’ve set up a deaf related blog here and am having fun playing with it.

I will continue to post them here, those of you who prefer to track me here on LJ. But the DeafRead syndication will key off the WP version and not this one. I set it up that way, because LJ just does NOT handle non-LJ comments that well at all (it actually drives me crazy that they don’t even allow an option for just putting in an identifying name to help sort out among five different “anonymous” — how difficult is this, folks?) hence the WP one.

Plus which, I didn’t really want my chit-chat up on the Extra option.

Anyway, I might darken up the theme a little bit (it’s more milk chocolate than dark chocolate) but I found the original theme so gorgeous I just had to play with it a little 🙂

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