a sunday update

Getting to be a bit of tradition of sorts. I had Friday off (Caesar Chavez day or something oddball; it’s really an administrative holiday on the spring break, but I think the administration took advantage of calling it CC day and getting to say we’ve got this new holiday without actually having to give us a new or additional day ::rolls eyes::) so it was a nice three day weekend. On Friday I did most of my grocery shopping for the week, and got started on the grill (another two chickens) although as it turned out I didn’t have any of that for dinner, so it all went to leftovers, which worked out well. I also sanded down and re-oiled my jo and bokken, so they look all nice and snazzy. I used a 1500 grit sandpaper, so they feel just silky smooth, mmm. I love working with wood…

Anyway, Saturday was Monkeywrench’s 2nd birthday and we went to the local petting zoo (I’ve lived here yay years and never been there, it’s really quite a fun place if you’ve got kids). I took a ton of pictures, ate a bit too much and thoroughly enjoyed the time out. I got kind of pooped out by the sun and mostly hung out with a few cool beers once I got back home, and made some quick fajitas for dinner (just reheated some of the chicken and the veggies grill in about 5 minutes). Once the sun went down, I watched a few movies: Mulan, Jurassic Park III and Predator, while cutting up the squares for my current quilt project. I am EIGHT SQUARES SHORT! I am not going to find any more of this fabric, I just know it. I’ll have to do something creative. I needed 120 squares and I got 112. It kills me :-O

Today I went back to the store for a few bits and pieces (like, oh, dog food) that I had forgotten on Friday. On a whim, I saw the Easter stuff, and picked up a few things to make two small easter baskets for the nephews. My sister will just loooooove me for the sugar induced craziness, ha ha. Actually it was funny because I was trying to find relatively small candies that they could eat without totally choking on them. I considered Peeps, but those are really too disgusting, and sold in far too large packs, I’d be left over with these nuclear-disaster-surviving *things*, so I passed on that. But small cadbury cream eggs, some jelly beans, etc. Cute! I did some more work in the kitchen, just small stuff like shelving on the doors to my cabinets for extra storage, put up an extra clock over one window, did all the laundry, got some linens to better match the new paint job, filler fluff like that. I did intend to wash the car, but that didn’t happen. I made soup stock after stripping the two chickens I grilled Friday, and used that to make tortilla soup. I actually had enough stock left over for another batch of tortilla soup another time, which I took and froze, as I did with the leftover soup after dinner. I’ve got leftover fajitas for tomorrow’s lunch, too, yum.

Old roommate got all of her stuff out today, and returned the keys, I returned the security deposit (sob, sob). New roommate is settling in now that her bed is over here. Putative roommate hasn’t finalized details with me yet though I expect to hear from her soon. I did clean up the bedroom a bit, mostly murphy-oiling down the floor and things like that; she cleaned up pretty well, even patching and filling in the holes in the wall. I’ll repaint those patches in the next few days.

What else? I have taxes to finalize tomorrow (dang, doing this much later than usual, typically I have this all done by the first of March, not sure what happened here), plus other paperwork and such. I have it all written down in my “brain” (little memo book in purse, so low tech). So life moves along…

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