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I’ve been busy with various things off and on. Trying to keep up with some online projects. Working on my house. Lining up some roommate rentals. Today was pretty relaxing for the most part.

Yesterday, dear BF and I installed a new ceiling light in the nook of my bedroom. Since I’ve started using it as a computer center (I do not use this term lightly; there are now two desktops and a laptop in use there at any given time now…) I’ve noticed it’s really rather dark there. I did get a floor lamp (and a matching desk lamp on the other side for my alarm clock and the whole thing is fabulous, but still a little dark (especially for my little webcam). Now I’ve got one of those canned lights with an eyeball trim so I can adjust the puppy where I want. Sweet! It was a fair amount of work — I got to do all the dirty work since I pulled attic duty (well he’s the electrician, so I got the grunt work 😉 ). It was hot, stuffy, and cramped as hell up there. First we located a good spot for the light, and drilled that out. That was easy enough. Then we needed to find the spot to drill down between the walls and hook it up to a nearby electrical switch. I figured using the closet switch nearby was a better bet than trying to make up an entirely new switch location, not that there was a more obvious location for it anyway. The internet cable comes down in one corner, so we measured off that to estimate the drill location for the switch. The closet is a framed in afterthought to the primary house construction, so you can’t see it’s outlines in the attic. Also cause it’s framed in later, there’s one or two 2×4 laid flat along the top of the closet frame; this is what I had to drill through. The location is very close to the eaves, so I couldn’t get a good leveraged hold on the drill and I was hunched over a heater duct and trying not to bang my head on the roof. I think it took 40 minutes to drill through :-O I was about to decide that I had somehow hit a vertical stud, when I finally broke through \o/

After that, the switch was made up quickly. I’ve got a dimmer w/ switch on/off so I can set the light level where I like and then just switch on off as I want. For kicks, we also swopped dimmers in for the bathroom lights. The closet light and fan lights went to rockers (to have the same shape as the dimmers, because cover plates are pretty standardized). It wasn’t too bad, about $100 in supplies, and 5 hours of work. And I have a pretty new light and nice switches. Oh, and replaced an outlet that had been all crumbly since forever and finally started to disintegrate :-O. I really should just replace all the outlets with new hardware.

Anyway on the roommate front, it’s been interesting. I had one roommate move in last November — a nice girl who’s working her way thru college at the moment. A friend of hers was kicked out of her house earlier, and she talked my roommate into going into an apartment with her, so she moved out rather suddenly and unplannedly. That’s not much fun to move that often — I remember my own college days 😛 But I advertised on Craigslist for the other bedroom and picked someone up almost right away, she came over & liked it, and rented it out starting midmonth this month. She’s been moving in bits and pieces since she has till the end of the month to move out of the old place. Anyway, the roomie that’s moving out, mentioned the available room to another girl at her school and put us in contact with each other. She came over today and likes the place and has said she wants to rent it, we’ll work out the details over the next week. That’s pretty cool, I’ll have two rentals going on, and I can really use the money. I’ll try to put some of it back into repairing things in the house, only seems fair ;-). Craigslist and word of mouth have worked best for me so far. The next runner up is advertising in the actual local paper edition OC Register (hack, spit, otherwise, a total rightwing rag). Cause what do you do when you look for a place to stay? You pick up the classifieds in the localized paper. The online services like roomster and roommate.com? Utterly worthless. All I ever get from those are the overseas scammers, what a waste of time. Anyway, both girls seem pretty nice, quiet, and busy busy. They are both working full time and going to school full time. It’s a combo I like — people doing this tend to be smart, focused, quiet, and gone much of the time.

Anyway on that front, I’ve been reorganizing and cleaning up stuff in the kitchen: with two roommates I have to move stuff around to give each of them pantry space and such. The fridge is going to be tight, I may have to get a larger one, or a second one, or something, to give us more space. It depends, but the the one that’s moving in now, she’s a culinary arts major, and may take up kitchen space. I love to cook, so I can definitely fill the fridge up without trying. Not sure about the new girl of today. But anyway, I’ve moved things around, cleaned things up (did a bunch of cleaning “while I was at it anyway” today, because I had the big ol’ hoover out, so I just ran it through all the cupboards I was empty, cleaning and organizing, etc. Got the laundry done, read thru my bloglines stuff. Cleaned up and organized my nook some… which helps. Still need to go thru the desk drawers but the bookcase is pretty well cleared up.

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