beyond pissed

So, I’m trying to watch Through Deaf Eyes…and it appears that my cable provider IS NOT TRANSMITTING ANY CAPTIONS FOR **ANY** OF THE CHANNELS IT IS BROADCASTING.

Oh, boy, are they going to get an EARFUL from me first thing tomorrow morning. IT HAD BETTER BE BACK ON BY THE NEXT BROADCAST. Yes, according to my local listings, it shows again Thursday night same time, and Friday morning at 7.


Still, I do understand a fair amount of the ASL, which is great. And the AVT segments showing the teachers covering their mouths, oh boy does that bring back memories…

But I’m still fuming…

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3 Responses to beyond pissed

  1. kethrybp says:

    I have to laugh at this, not because its a funny thing, but because i think that if you were to move to the UK you’d be absolutely incandescent with rage! The 5 main channels (BBC 1, 2, ITV, Channel 4, Five) are up to i think 95% subtitled programming now, although Five’s subtitles remain dodgy at the best of times. Its the channels outside of that that fail on the subtitling front. BBC three and E4/More4 are not bad, the best of the bunch, outside of that, very little is subtitled. Its not enshrined in law in the way that it is in the USA that the deaf have to have equal access.

    when they voted the law in to enable terrestrial programming (i.e. not satellite/cable, but freeview – digital) to be expanded they considered the problem of access for the deaf, and made it so that a relatively new proportion of each channel had to be subtitled by a certain year, i think its 35% or something.

    my point: get angry and write to them by all means, and push for more, but also be aware that you do have more, better access in the US than many other deaf people do throughout the rest of the world. oh, and good luck with getting an apology/reinstatement..


  2. jcortese says:

    You know what would be nice — captioning the uncaptioned stuff and then putting up trackers on a URL called

    It’d be fun to listen to them saying it’s illegal because they want to ensure that, if they refuse to give access to deaf people, they can’t get it by other means. Creeps.

  3. locatei says:

    Ugh that really sucks about the captions!! Mine was fine, there was a bit of a lag but otehrwise fine.

    I’m going to get the dvd ASAP, i hope there’s extra footage.