progress in ASL

I’m pretty pleased with my progress in ASL and while I have a long way to go, it’s interesting to see what a long way I’ve come. Example, I passed along the Deaf Ninja video to a friend of mine, on the assumption that the pantomimes were enough to get the story across, and while he did appreciate the visual matrix effects, the metastory was completely lost on him. So:

00:07 unfortunately I don’t understand this initial opening. I need a ASL->English dictionary, dammit!

00:12 I tend to detach myself when in the middle of things and start daydreaming all kinds of stuff

00:20 When we were kids, I had a younger brother, he was deaf

00:25 He used to wear hearing aids, you know the old ones, box on chest, shoulder straps, wires up to the ears

00:32 I used to laugh at him…he’d get mad, pull out the hearing aids and beat me up

00:42 So one time he was hitting me,

00:45 it struck me!!

00:48 daydream…DEAF N-I-N-J-A !!

00:52 Night falls…it’s dark out…foggy

00:54 the moon shines out from behind clouds

01:02 and here’s the ninja!

01:03 dressed all in black

01:06 wearing an old style hearing aid box!

01:09 as he surveys all before him…

01:13 as he looks around, it starts to rain…

01:16 and he spots a single raindrop falling slowly down —

01:20 but he turns to look back at a group of people advancing on him!

01:23 who surround him!

01:29 and one pulls out his sword and another and the one next to him!

01:38 and they circle around to attack!

01:40 Deaf Ninja calmly surveys the attackers

01:42 whips off his hearing aids!

01:44 jumps up in the air! whirling around kicking all of them! (lovely matrix effects!)

01:52 they go flying!

01:56 one kick comes around (slo mo) and connects! blood goes flying!

02:00 he continues his attack on the menacing group!

02:04 defeating them all!

02:06 and he lands from his leap!

02:11 finishes, puts his hearing aids back in

02:15 looks around and spots the waterdrop still falling!

02:20 it lands, splashing in a puddle, rippling out…

02:23 he looks closely at it, fiddles with his hearing aid…

02:26 he says “I can’t hear it”

02:29 me: i wake up suddenly from my day dream

02:32 and i look back over at my brother

02:36 who is adjusting his own hearing aid

02:37 and says to me “I can’t hear what you’re saying!”


Now, I’m sure I’m missing nuances as there are plenty of signs here I’m not sure of…but I sure like this video 🙂 Enjoy!

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