an internet watershed

I’m quite serious. I’m not sure the ramifications are fully understood at this point, but I think the series of events within the Edwards campaign in hiring two left wing bloggers, the right wing’s attempts to scuttle them, and the miserable failure mark a turning point in how the Internet, politics, and Real Life ™ intersect and interact.

Consider the following set of articles (in roughly chronological order):
Message to John Edwards: Don’t Back Down
John Edwards Writes
Silencing the Netroots
Lemme see here… still a topsy-turvy world full of oppression? [Scans NRO] Yup.
The series of tubes have spoken…
Let the truth be buried and the glory of Evil Bill shine
It’s official
Let The Pushback Begin
Turning On The Blogosphere
This Is Really Getting Out Of Hand
The Backlash Against the Edwards Bloggers
Two Million Strong
OMG! Amanda Marcotte says F*ck! LOL ROTFL! LMFOL LOLOLOL!!!
Advice to Associated Press headline writers:
A look at John McCain’s blogger-consultant

As usual the indomitable Glenn Greenwald has a nuanced, updated summary here: Statement of the Edwards campaign.

Now, the short story: Edwards hires two prominent female bloggers to work on his campaign website. Right wing pushes. Edwards doesn’t cave. Although, this fascinating story provides some extra detail: Edwards campaign rehires bloggers Marcotte and McEwen

If you pick apart the details, it was the reaction from the left blogosphere that quite likely influenced the outcome.

Soccer moms, watch out: the internet just became a voting demographic 😉

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