update re: daphne wright trial

Being that I’m a paralegal, though I don’t work as one, I went looking for the court filings so that I could see them myself. They don’t appear to be stored online, unfortunately. I emailed the public defender’s office with a query about the filings. Here’s what she said:

Thank you for your email. I agree with you that equating deafness with incompetence is downright apalling. I bless you for being willing to take a look at the motions for yourself. I wish everyone was willing to do that. I think there is a significant misunderstanding about the motions that were filed. The motions are absolutely available to the public. Unfortunately you will need to obtain those at the court house through the Clerk of Courts Office. I do not have the ability to email them to you. Good luck in your endeavors and thanks again for the email.

Now…I would really like to get ahold of a copy of the documents. I’m going to see what I can do about contacting the Clerk of the Court, perhaps by mail, but if there’s anyone local to the county records, it could be faster to go there in person and request a copy of these public documents and get them online? Please contact me (browneyedgirl65 at livejournal dot com) if you’d like to work with me on getting a reasonable summary of these documents out.

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