more on mask of benevolence

It’s taking me a while to get through this book, in part because I keep coming across snippets and bits that make me want to get out here and pound out some more rants, so I set the book down — and then realize all the other things I have to do before I get to bed 🙂

But honestly, it’s difficult to read very far through this before I have to put it down and digest parts of it. Most of it is simply infuriating. For example:

“When isolated from others of his kind, the deaf child with hearing parents and a hearing school is bound to feel deviant. Why can’t he be like other people and conform to the demands made on him — most of all the demand of facile communication in English? Clearly, because he is handicapped. So the deaf person commonly believes he must adapt to hearing demands; he should yield, even when he thinks it wrong, in principle he has no standing with which to shape the majority.”

Oh, man.

Yep, tough to read through…

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