I was talking with a friend the other day and I happened to mention how I didn’t care for most sound outside of people’s voices and he said, birds chirping in the morning 🙂

OK, let’s take a beautiful morning. You’ve got the sun peeking up, maybe through some clouds but either way the light is filtering sideways through everything, through the tree leaves, casting long shadows everywhere. Maybe there’s a gorgeous sunrise color to appreciate. There’s that new-morning bite in the air, where the air is clean and crisp and flows along with the sun’s light. You breathe in deeply and there’s that scent of morning, clean and bright, perhaps also with the grass or earth under your feet. On some mornings, all of this builds up and shivers straight through your entire body.

…and all of that makes for a gorgeous, lovely, beautiful morning doesn’t it? I’m very thankful for mornings like that 🙂

For me what triggers all that is the smell of morning. For him it’s the chirp of birds. It’s not the chirp itself or the scent itself that is the morning, it’s the association. So no one’s missing anything, really. In fact, maybe I should pity him because he doesn’t smell the morning… 😉

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