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One of the nicest things about searching out other deaf folk on the internet, especially now, is finding the personal blogs that others write. Having grown up isolated from other deaf, and not really connecting with other deaf folk even online till now, it’s been really nice to find other folks with similar backgrounds like mine. For some reason I had absolutely no clue how many other oral mainstreamed folk there were like me. This whole system of isolating us has some severe drawbacks, I think, although nothing really seems perfect as yet.

In any case, I’ve been enjoying personal blogs the most. The political and activist ones are well and good, but not at all my own focus (for all that I’ve been blogging extensively on some of them; I’m doing the National Blog Posting Month thing this month and I decided to try to make as many of those deaf-related as possible while doing so, so the scale and number of these posts will throttle down in December).

I first stumbled across Joseph’s blog (who can resist a title like Deaf in the City???) which introduced me to many things in a detailed, thoughtful way. I’ve been enjoying the (all too infrequent!) postings over at Random Thoughts and Musings. The Bionic Sound Project has introduced me to the whole concept of cochlear implants, which really until the last year or so I’d thought of as a kind of hearing aid, but they’re really something else.

Banjo’s World is another good blog to read, with the added bonus of captioned ASL vlogs, which I’ve been going over, picking up a few signs here and there. A Deaf Mom Shares Her World gives me humorous insight into what it would be like in a deaf family; I’m still reeling over the thought of tracking ten (count ’em TEN) hearing aids at once :uhoh: . I’ve also enjoyed the posts put out by Busy Hands. Many of the stories…so true for me too! Both Dorkette Exposed and Deafening Chameleon offer insight into normal daily lives of people who just happen to be deaf.

LJ has turned up its own share of pleasant surprises; hearingaidhacks brings out the inner geek in me, and deaf generally has a couple interesting threads going on at any given time.

So thank you, one and all. It’s been an interesting ride the last few months!

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