the constructed perception of danger

Welp. Today I went in and picked up a pair of brand-spanking-new hearing aids. I also made the leap from analog to digital. (About time, considering my professional occupation 😀 ) I’m very pleased with the results so far — the HA are comfortable and the sound quality is good. I’ve had times where the new HA just sounded so different I had to take a month or two to get used to it. They have a setting for “noisy” surroundings which I haven’t had a chance to play with yet.

One of the things I plan on doing is getting digital audio input shoes for them and playing around with various different adapters, including bluetooth. I was discussing this with the audiologist, when I commented how I use the cellphones now (which involves no HA and the volume up as high as it will go; doesn’t work with all cellphones, has to have a great volume span) and her first comment was:

“You have to remember to watch out for sirens and things like that!”

What the hell? OK, first, I’ve been deaf ALL my life, and she knows that. Second, that was just patronizing as hell, and I basically let her know that, fairly nicely. I pointed out that I don’t hear sirens or traffic anyway and not only am I still alive, but I often notice things before other people do.

I suppose it’s a huge issue for late deafened people, since they grew up with a set of assumptions that they would have to unlearn, but these are not assumptions I ever had in the first place.

It’s irksome. As an audiologist, I expect her to be better aware of these distinctions…

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