more positive notes on deafhood

After the sturm und drang of yesterday, I wanted to delve into some articles, blogs, and folks on the net that I’ve found very interesting and providing lots of food for thought…

One of the first blogs I did come across was Deaf in the City. He has a number of very thoughtful posts and I always appreciate reading his stuff. Even when I don’t agree with him, he lays out his position carefully and makes good points that I’m forced to concede (curses!). In this post I thought he explained one of the largest problems deaf people face, which is that of “Gatekeeping”, marvelously well. (He also kept a Kos diary of the protests, which is worth checking out.) He’s a strong ASL proponent who nevertheless makes it clear all are welcome.

Another one that I’ve appreciated is Random Thoughts and Musings. She has a particularly good article regarding the prevalence of elitism in the “Deaf culture.” She also wrote up a very interesting article that convinced me of the importance of starting all deaf children on ASL from the beginning, and toward a goal of ASL-only at deaf schools. (My main reservations revolve around inclusion and treatment of current oral-deaf, outreach and support for hearing families to be able to communicate with their children (the reason I support the Bi-Bi concept), plus support for those deaf who choose themselves to try a more oral approach, or a little of both.) Anyway, I very much enjoy reading her posts. Finally, some history lessons shed some interesting light on people’s past actions.

Another cool blog I stumbled over is Banjo’s World. He posts on a variety of topics, from the reluctance of Hollywood to properly caption their material, issues of the education of deaf children, and keeps a list of properly captioned dvds. I particularly like his captioned ASL vlogs — when I start up with ASL classes, I hope to revisit them and pick up more.

I like Berke Outspoken (she also runs the About Deaf website) and she discusses a variety of issues including education.

Finally, two more blogs (who will hate the fact that I mention them in the same paragraph…) that I appreciate because they are both in their ways uncompromising in their stances, but not afraid to explore unpopular issues. One is RidorLIVE who can sound elitist, as he’s very heavily involved in “Deaf culture,” but he’s not afraid to point out problems and issues within it. The other is Kokonut Pundits who adds more dimension to issues at Gallaudet. I should point out that I disagree with both of them most of the time, but I respect the space they carve out for themselves.

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