OK, this is fucking hilarious:

Defining who is “deaf enough” always gives me chest pain. For one thing, that’s a bludgeon the Deaf Culture uses to beat many deafened people with. Whether they intend to leave deafened people bleeding on the sidewalk outside the deaf club (figuratively), that is a frequent emotional consequence, and I personally reject contrived and imposed definitions of “deaf enough”.

at https://www.deafened.org/defining.htm by way of https://kokonutpundits.blogspot.com/2006/10/defining-deafened.html although please note that I don’t read the latter column for the politics :uhoh: !

OK, lessee, my credentials…

  • born deaf (ooh, 5 points!)
  • oral education (oops, minus 20!)
  • 90db hearing loss (ooh! plus 10!)
  • bilateral (ooh! plus 5!)
  • no ASL or other signing knowledge (oops, minus 50!)
  • I scrape by the telephone test (oops, minus 10!)
  • yeah I “hear” sound if I see it (ooh! plus 5!)
  • never went to deaf school (oops, minus 15!)
  • don’t have deaf parents (oops, minus 50!)
  • I’m still alive (hm, call it minus 5!)
  • I do think the term “hearing impaired” is silly, but I’ll use it if I think it will be more comprehensible more quickly to someone else although I consider myself deaf (neutral, no points)
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