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I’ve been deeply impressed by several blogs lately, and some of you may likewise find them interesting:

Edit: I’ve corrected the links! Sorry!! :bangshead:

Scout Prime: Blogging from New Orleans
Now, I have mixed feelings about some of this if only because I believe it is futile to rebuild New Orleans in the face of future ocean rising due to global warming. If the ocean levels rise 20 feet in the next century, rebuilding anything that’s below sea level now is simply not going to work. At the same time what appalls me here is the utter lack of direction in anything at all going on in the entire hurricane affected area, of which New Orleans was only a very small part. I can’t believe there’s no trash pickup, no organized rebuilding crews, nothing. It’s all piecemeal at a very low citizen/city level and there’s simply too much damage to the infrastructure for that. I don’t even know that I blame this administration in particular. The rebuilding will clearly span at least two or three administrations so there must be some framework in place relatively independent of that. I don’t know what the resolution is. Anyway, this blog does an excellent job of conveying what’s (not) going on over there.

Unclaimed Territory
Just read this guy. He pulls together disparate news items and shows how they’re related. This guy is a conservative blogger, but profoundly disturbed by the lying and spying going on, and the writing he’s been doing is just top notch. Go. Read. A couple of recent articles that have been real eye openers and very thought provoking include: Now in power, “conservatives” reverse their purported belief in federalism; Bush’s attacks on press freedoms escalate; Bill Frist threatens Intelligence Committee members not to hold NSA hearings and so on. One of the things I particularly appreciate is the depth of analysis be brings to his articles, plus the quality of comments to the articles are generally very high. While my sentiments dovetail very well with most liberal blogs, I find that I get less interested in their articles over time as I get very tired of seeing references like Chimperator, wingnutteria, freepers and the use of pictures catching people in particularly stupid expressions. It’s surely a personal quirk, but if you’re attacking with demagoguery I can find it fun for a short while. But I don’t find I learn all that much…I like the analysis, which also let me draw my own conclusions, or invite me to think about things, instead of nodding along with shrill second grade level rhetoric. I’ve given up on a number of liberal blogs that frequently or even always use these kind of presentations for this reason — I can find other blogs pointing out the same issues without the extra level of venom. These guys obviously do a lot of excellent work, but the presentation just isn’t to my taste. Anyway, Unclaimed Territory avoids all these problems and then some.

Anyway, hope you appreciate them like I have…

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