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Started off my day with a bit of a chuckle…aren’t ALL touristy places like this? My brit coworker commented that this sounds like English vacationers to the coasts of Spain…

One vacation to the Baja coast is all you need to see the staggering downfall of the country

A great collection of feminist essays can be found here…this Carnival goes about every six weeks or so, I think.

The Ninth Carnival of Feminists at Mind The Gap

On current events…

A Failure of the Press. A fairly scathing critique (of course there have been a number of these for the last couple of years) of the failure of the press to be, well, press.
It’s Us, Too at Mahablog. I thought this one gave some very interesting insights as to why fundamentalist reactions go on. Oh, this probably ties into a book my mother mentioned recently that she enjoyed and I want to read: The Battle for God by Karen Armstrong.

One of the things I’ve been trying to do is build a collection of Middle East sites. Preferably eyewitness journal type sites or collections of local information, with as little interference as possible from “Big Media”. I would especially like to find more of the soldier blogs which seem to be disappearing? If any of you have any further suggestions, I’d love to see them.

Baghdad Burning Blog kept by a woman in Baghdad, full of personal observations to events in Baghdad. I wish she had an RSS feed!
The Saudi Parliament makes a decision…. at The Religious Policeman. I come across this dude’s blog every now and then and he usually has very interesting things to say. Not really eyewitness anymore (lives in London now) but he gives great background to what goes on in Saudi.
Words From Iraq This is more a collection of stuff, but some of the columnists also put down personal observations. I just found this today, so I’m still looking it over.
Middle East Journal. This one’s fabulous! The author, a journalist, is travelling throughout northern Iraq, giving us a peek into a region no one’s really talking about. He’s in Kurdistan right now, and it’s fascinating what he has to say about it.

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