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Oh, and as for all the GOP fury over the political nature of comments made at King’s funeral? I don’t geddit. Google up the political nature of comments made at Reagan’s funeral. Pot, kettle, ka-DING…
The Eighth Carnival of Feminists This is a wonderful collection, across the spectrum, of what women bloggers are saying. Great for browsing. I, of course, particularly enjoyed the selection under the “Geeks” section…
Why Bush’s faith-based BS has little to do with faith The level of incompetence (and lack of compassion) detailed here makes me furious. Unfortunately it doesn’t suprise me either.
Consumer grows increasingly levered Big honkin’ warning signs on the economic front, IMO.
Attack Code Published for Firefox Flaw The interesting thing to note is that the fact that FF has already put out a fix for this bug is nearly lost in this article, which concentrates more on a sense of “Ha! FF gets bugs AND hacks targeting them too” and the controversy over the rating assigned to the bug. I can’t help but think of (beta) IE7’s at-long-last appearance coupled with an almost total inability to test it while keeping your current IE6 setup…
GOP Intelligence Chairwoman Calls For Full Congressional Hearings This is extremely interesting news on two fronts. First of all, her connections with intelligence work are formidable, and make her a hard person to ignore. Second of all, she’s evidently perfectly prepared to ignore and/or endure the Rove blacklist threat (which itself should be so illegal it’s not even funny — obstruction of justice, anyone?).
Governor Threatens to Block Energy Leases Off Louisiana This was an odd one to come across especially after reading fixx’s link to the global warming being all but certain to drown NO under a 20 foot rise in sea level. Get the money by all means, but put it to some use other than rebuilding the city, perhaps… I also like the snark behind the “they only seem to understand hardball play” comment, heh.
FMA Roundup Another interesting collection of links, this time on the family marriage activism front.
Judge takes Congress to task in bankruptcy case The bankruptcy law is a complete and utter travesty. I’m taking a course on it right now as a matter of fact, and the new requirements for qualifying for Chapter 7 are astonishing — and punitive. One of the largest groups of people who used to file for this were failed entrepeneurs who used their own savings as start ups. I predict we’ll also see fewer startups in the coming years as fallout from this law. And this is a business friendly government? More like a BIG business friendly government, when ironically it’s the small businesses that are overall far more important to the economic health of this country. If you’re not sure about that, let me ask you what, exactly, did Enron and others of its ilk wind up contributing? Thank you.
Iran to publish Holocaust cartoons You know what my reaction is? Yawn. So? I guarantee you that no one will torch Iranian embassies, kill each other or anyone, or march with signs like “Nuke Iran off the Face of the Earth” waving above their heads. Make of that what you will.
New York Press Editors Resign Over Cartoons Whoa.
Call for internet safety lessons Two minds here. Absolutely fuck yes, kids need to be taught this kind of stuff. But in schools? Do schools teach kids not to step in front of cars? Not to drink the rat poison? Not to talk to strangers? That’s the parent’s job. Parents who are letting their kids access the Internet without supervision (put the freepin’ computer out in the kitchen and lock the hard drive when you’re out, for starters) are being downright negligent at this point. At this point, I suspect it’s the parents that need to be taught this, really…

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