john lennon

I hadn’t realized today was the 25th anniversary of his killing. As it happens, I remember the day rather vividly. Not because I was (or am) a Beatles fan. I was in high school at the time, and this girl comes up to me — she was sort of an early goth — all in black and tangled black hair, makeup every which way and in desperate need of orthodontal not to mention cosmetic dental work. I was terribly conservative in terms of dress, etc, back then so I remember first registering her overall appearance. And then hoping like hell she wasn’t going to come up and talk to me. But she comes up to me tearfully and says, “John Lennon died today!”

And I’m like, “John who? Isn’t he with the Beagles or something?”

She gave me this look :glare: and stalked off.

Not, I admit, one of my more terribly tactful moments (although I really couldn’t come up with the name at the moment). I sometimes wonder where she is now. As a terribly judgemental high school kid, I thought she was a complete loser and would never get anywhere. For all I know, these days she’s a brilliant rocket scientist trillionaire who lives on an island busily inventing more stuff.


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