Testimony: Creationism was pressed
Everyone’s still missing the point, plaintiffs included. The issue isn’t really one of separation of church and state, or else it would be entirely illegal to have classes touching on religion at all in schools. This doesn’t seem to me to be the correct tack for them to take in the first place. I’d be arguing that ID is all well and good — in a RELIGIOUS class, NOT in a BIOLOGY class. Since it is very clearly NOT science, it shouldn’t be in a SCIENCE class. Put it where it belongs…

Sheesh. Kids these days do not understand what science IS… And it’s not their fault.

And really, even the religious folks shouldn’t get their panties in a wad. Evolutionary theory says nothing about the existence of a creator. That’s right, nothing. It does not prove/state that there was/is one, it does not prove/state there never was one. It has nothing whatsoever to say about it. It’s the minimum theory that fits the facts we have, a theory that has been revised several times to accomodate new facts. If the fact of a creator’s existence or nonexistence ever DOES emerge, I have no doubt that the theory will be revised yet again.

I don’t know why so few people, on either side of this issue, actually, get that.

I suppose it does put some kinks into certain theological literature, depending on how you view said literature…but hell, so does history and archaelogy… 😀


Stoopit. All of it.

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