more bungles

Money Earmarked for Evacuation Redirected (AP)
Louisiana Officials Indicted Before Katrina Hit (LA Times)

Interesting how $500K disappears just like that. It might be an interesting exercise for everyone to research projects that FEMA has disbursed in their own area and see what’s happened to them. If the government is to be accountable to the people, we need to take a good long hard look at what the government is actually doing, and that’s not just at federal levels, but also at state and county/local levels too. If we snooze, we all lose.

Note: I tend to hold everyone responsible, within their own sphere of influence. That means I’ll take potshots at Bush, at FEMA, at LA state officials, at NOLA officials, and at individuals as warranted. And no one’s (in)actions absolve any one (or thing) else’s responsibilies…

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