the forgotten cities: the next katrina backlash?

Caught part of a snippet on CNN (or was it MSNBC — it gets confusing at the gym with multiple TV’s there) where they were interviewing residents outside New Orleans who had also been hit by the quake. It seems that not only is all the news about New Orleans, but their perception is that much of the rescue efforts are centered around New Orleans. At last count, it’s my understanding that we lost nine cities along the Gulf coast, not just the one. And if rescue efforts and rebuilding really are neglected in these areas (the show pointed out that FEMA had only recently opened one office in Biloxi, and in a not so accessible location at that considering how many residents had lost their cars and the general condition of the roads anyway) we could be seeing a second backlash from Katrina. These people appear to be less and less impressed with federal and to some extent state level efforts which in turn could have distinct repercussions for Barbour and Bush. It doesn’t even have to be true; as long as the majority of the people down there perceive New Orleans as getting all the attantion and help, this disenchantment is a very real possibility.

If I were a news outlet or media company, I would start sending reporters to canvas everywhere else to assess this. If they are indeed being shorted, this needs to be corrected.

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