TSA rape charges case

I am absolutely keeping my eye on this one: Complain About Being Sexually Assaulted By A TSA Thug? THEY’LL SUE!.

Amy’s public assault is not unusual. Stories of gratuitous and inappropriate touching by TSA employees are legion. The stories range from inhuman indifference to deliberate humiliation. Many of those stories emphasize that showing any resistance — whether by opting out of scanners, or voicing objections to groping — will result in immediate retaliation, and possible official investigation, by TSA employees. The TSA has reached the point that its sense of entitlement is nearly impervious to satire. Yet our government assures us that our concerns are meritless.

Despite the wide audience she enjoys, Amy’s story could easily have been lost in the din of routine TSA excess. But because Amy didn’t take it quietly — because she called the TSA employee out for her assault, and because she wrote about it — now she’s facing a legal threat.

The TSA agent — one Thedala Magee — has demanded that Amy pay her $500,000 for Magdee’s distress at being called out.

If you have ever had any doubts that rape is about power, this should lay them to rest.

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  1. Ken says:

    Your insight about power is exactly right, and is a perfect response to all of the jacksses who are responding to this by either (1) saying it can’t be sexual assault because there was no sexual intent (from the TSA-defenders), or (2) talking about how the employee must be a lesbian (from the stupider TSA-haters).

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